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Primo Magday retired as a Master Sergeant from the United States Marine Corps in January 2001 after over 26 years of active and reserve service.

During the course of the time and many duty stations later, he volunteered to participate in numerous social functions, mostly cookouts. Although not a novice cook himself, he noticed that in all the functions he attended, no one had used any sort of apron for cooking.

As he was working his first civilian job since retiring, he came upon a fellow employee who designed and produced aprons from her home. He pondered a few minutes and thought to himself, “what if I were able to put my Master Sergeant chevrons on one of those aprons?”

During his daily 2-3 hour commute to work, he came up with the idea of putting not only his Master Sergeant rank on the apron, but all the other Marine Sergeant ranks as well.

Then his thoughts expanded as he also realized that the Marines are not the only branch of service who have sergeant ranks, but that the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard have numerous sergeant ranks.

When he used to come home on leave to visit family and friends, he again was asked to volunteer to do the barbecuing. Being an old military salt, one of his uncles would joke and tease him about his cooking and one day called him the “Grill Sergeant.” This phase stuck with him. Hence, the Grill Sergeant Aprons were born.

Primo Magday is now the proud owner of Aprons by Top M and strives each day to share the sense of community, laughter and national pride that his high quality products embody.

Why Are We The Best?

Top M strives each day to share the sense of community, laughter and national pride that our products embody.
No matter the event, there’s a Grill Sergeant for every grill master.
We are 100% dedicated to our brand. Our products are guaranteed to have the highest of quality. Designed in America, our national pride is as big as our confidence in our product.


Proudly Designed in the U.S.A.

All of our designs have been designed at our San Francisco headquarters.


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Serving our troops at home and on deployment.

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Whether you are a Grill Sergeant or an Officer of the Grill, there is an apron for you.
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